More than skin deep
In essence, buildings are a conduit for delivering experiences. Experiences that are inspirational and pleasurable for your customers, efficient yet energising for your staff. Their real value lies in their potential for reinforcing positive perceptions of your business, building confidence in your brand and creating advocacy amongst your customers. So much more than skin deep...

Our team at Meda understand the need to maintain a balance between being faithful to the desired experience and delivering a building that meets the needs of your business and stakeholders. Through the fusion of commercial and industry sector expertise we have a proven ability to deliver global concepts in local markets.
The unique inclusion of robust retail planning principles into our architectural process ensures impactful yet efficient design from the perspective of both customer and business needs.

Cost and project management is always a critical factor and the consistent integration of this throughout any project is essential. Our team is always actively involved from the start of every project, working side by side with the designers.

Passionate and professional in what
we do - always!
What we offer

- Feasibilty design
- Architecture
- Retail planning
- Project & cost management