When sparks fly...
Individually, we have an unusual breadth and depth of experience. Together, we have a harnessed energy that will reshape your future. Meet the Meda team...

  • Mike
    Mike has been championing automotive experience development since early 1996, following a broad career path, both agency and manufacturer-side. He's passionate about consumer experience and its impact on business profitability and reputation development. His background includes financial management and strategic planning, with extensive
    practical experience at aligning creative design with commercial considerations.

    James' skill lies in aligning the conflicting and demanding needs of planning and delivering architectural projects. His depth of experience in project management, and 10 years within the Meda architectural team, has added a fundamental project and cost-management approach to the business which ensures projects are on-time, on-budget and on-brand. James has a strong commercial sense supported by practical, first-hand experience and sets very high standards for his own team and the projects outcome.

  • Ria
    Ria has a breadth of international and cross-sector experience that brings a unique perspective to her approach to projects. She is driven by a passion for looking at experience through the eyes of a consumer yet always relishes the opportunity to prove it can be to the benefit of bottom line results. A creator of exceptional experiences borne out of a solidly developed strategy and brief, Ria will always challenge preconceptions and current thinking, driving the delivery of experiences fit for the future.

    Richard has been driving design's cause and effect for over 20 years, with top -10 agency and in-house experience. Never happier than when finding ways of making strategy come to life he's a champion of design's real value - showing how the future could look. His experience extends across the communications design spectrum including environments, digital, identity and signage.

  • Ron
    It's often the human aspect where the gap between customer expectations and the actual experience delivered is greatest. With never ceasing enthusiasm Ron has been striving to help close this 'people gap' and indeed make the behaviour of front-line staff a positive differentiator. He's a firm believer
    in applying marketing thinking to the design & delivery of learning initiatives that cause a stir and genuinely affect change. Ron has extensive pan-european agency and manufacturer experience.